Gulet Cruise South Adriatic- GCS

Number of Days: 8
Destination: Europe

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  • Choosing a gulet cruise in South Adriatic you will have opportunity to have a holiday in completely relax admiring the beautiful bays and fabulous old towns of Montenegro, Albania and part of Greece. The gulet offers every comfort of a modern boat mixed with the charm of a wooden boat. It is a gulet with comfortable cabins, with spacious spaces on the salon and on the deck, equipped with air condition, private toilette and Wi Fi in each cabin. The expert and friendly crew will takes you on a weekly program exploring the beautiful coast of Montenegro. A holiday program organized to alternate several time for swimming and relaxation, visiting in the evening several coastal towns or enjoying a drink from the boat’s bar. The chef serves a delicious breakfast and lunch ( or dinner ) each day.

  • 1th day Saturday Kotor 
    Check in at 5 pm and meeting the crew with traditional welcome drink. The prettiest and best-preserved down in Montenegro, Kotor ( Unesco listed city ) its elaborate fortifications like tough, spikes armour, yet behind the city walls lies a disarming core of piazza-fronting churches. cobbled arteries and quirky shops- all in the embrace of one of Europe’s most spectacular bays. Part of Kotor’s addictive appeal is that it’s not a town of museums or major sights: it’s simply a darling place to dip in and out of piazzas, shops and cafes that peak out from old stone buildings, secreted down wonky alleyways. Slip into the rhythm of city life with a coffee at one of the pavement cafes. If you are feeling peckish, grab a sugar-dusted cherry strudel - a delicious local speciality - from the bakery on the square to nibble as you tour the town. Don’t miss the traditional cobblers around the corner from St. Nicholas Church. Stop by Antiques Stankovic, one of many antique dens in the city, for a netter about Balkan history. Wine producing is a way of life in Montenegro yet it may come as a surprise that the local drop is delicious, as well as great value. Evening is perfect time for tasting and the Old Town is laced with wine shops. Overnight on dock in Kotor, in front of the Old Town.  

    2nd Day Sunday Budva ( Sveti Nikola island )
    After breakfast we start our trip from Kotor to Budva. During day we will serve lunch on the board and make few stops for swimming. Buddha is easily the country’s most-visited destination, it attracts on exploring its atmospheric Stari Grad (Old Town), sunning themselves on the bonny beaches of the Budva Riviera and partying until dawn; with scores of buzzy bars and clanging clubs, it’s not nicknamed ‘the Montenegrin Miami’ for nothing. Budva's best feature and star attraction is the Stari Grad (Old Town) – a mini-Dubrovnik with marbled streets and Venetian walls rising from the clear waters below. At its seaward end, the Citadela offers striking views, a small museum and a library full of rare tomes and maps. In the square in front of the citadel is a cluster of interesting churches. Nearby is the entry to the town walls. Known locally as ‘Hawaii’, Sveti Nikola is Montenegro’s largest island, stretching to nearly 2km.Its rocky beaches make it a popular destination. Overnight in Budva. 

    3rd Day Monday Budva - Cape of Rodon
    After breakfast we start our trip from Budva to Cape of Rodon. Again during day we will make few stops for swimming and lunch on board. Cape of Rodon is a strip of land bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the east and the Lalezi bay in the south. It is the biggest cape in Albania and a “kept-secret” place – until the past years when a group of young people built a social camp (but the beach is public for use) and they named it “Atlantid beach”. The cape is untouched by the human hand and is situated in a rocky ground and clay hills which surround the entire terrain of it. The cape shelters an old castle which is k n o w n a s “ S c a n d e r b e g ’s c a s t l e ” . T h e c a s t l e w a s surrounded by four catholic monasteries, characterized by a Roman-Gothic architecture. 

    4th Day Tuesday Cape of Rodon- Durres
    After breakfast we start our trip from Cape of Rodon to Durres. During day we will serve lunch on the board and make few stops for swimming. Durres is a versatile port city with both a modern and ancient appeal. If fun in the sun is in order look no further than the waterfront, where Albania’s largest and liveliest beach buzzes with activity in summer. Durres is also replete with Roman and Byzantine heritage. Surely one of the greatest pieces of ancient architecture in Albania, if not the Balkans, is the Durres Amphitheatre. You can not miss to visit Durres Castle. This monument consists of a single tower and wall, and is referred to in many guides as the Venetian Tower. Interesting to visit the Archaeological Museum featuring archaeological artifacts found in and around the area and Durres Ancient City Wall, Medieval Hammam and the Tophane Well located inside and around the wall. Overnight in Durres. 

    5th Day Wednesday Durres- Sazan Island
    After breakfast we start our trip from Durres to Sazan island ( Vlore ). S a z a n i s l a n d i s a fortified island with a v a s t n e t w o r k o f bunkers and tunnels built to withstand nuclear attacks. Sazan Island, a famously mysterious island,is only about two square miles but despite its diminutive size, it more than makes up for it in wildlife diversity.It has a slightly different climate to the rest of Albania and because of that, has an array of plant life not found in the rest of the country. Sazan has particularly rich lizard life, with fifteen difference species of reptile : thirteen of which are very rare. The nearest port is Vlorë, Albania’s third-largest city. Overnight in Vlore.

    6th day Thursday Sazan island- Saranda
    Like previous days after breakfast we start our trip for that day. We take direction from Vlore to Saranda. Again during day we will make few stops for swimming and lunch on board. Saranda is the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera, perfect to enjoy the busy beach and busier nightlife along its crowd-filled seaside promenade. What was once a sleepy fishing village is now a thriving city, and while Saranda has lost much of its charm in the past two decades, it has retained much of its charisma. The town beaches are nothing special, but Saranda is a great base for exploring the beaches of the riviera with a gulet. The town's name comes from Ayii Saranda, an early monastery dedicated to 40 s a i n t s ; i t s b o m b e d re m a i n s (including some preserved frescos) are still high on the hill above the town. Overnight in Saranda. 

    7th day Friday Saranda- Corfu island
    Like previous days after breakfast we start our trip for that day. We take direction from Saranda to Corfu. Again during day we will make few stops for swimming and lunch on board. This island is modern-day Corfu and you can expect the same level of kindness from this cosmopolitan jewel. Sunsets, sandy beaches and clear seas have made this Ionian island a summertime favourite. But look past these easy charms and you’ll discover what makes Corfu truly magical: the scent of pressed olives, monasteries draped in bougainvillea, and fortresses that rise above bluer-than-blue seas. Step into its katounia, or narrow lanes, and you’re instantly surrounded by elegant Venetian buildings. During the 17th and 18th centuries, these alleys were a commercial hub; today their shops brim with jewellery, handbags and miniature liqueur bottles. The island’s most enchanting village is Old Perithia, a huddle of stone houses halfway up Mt Pantokrator (906m). Overnight in Corfu.

    8th day Saturday Corfu
    After breakfast we start, around 9 am check-out procedure.

  • Accomodation- 7 nights

    On board facilities

    • Wi - Fi 
    • Air Conditioning in the salon and in the cabins 
    • Recreational equipment 
    • Bar open until midnight
    Extra activities
    • Wine tour 
    • Bike tour 
    • Spa day 
    • Daily excursion at your choice

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