Great Britain Coach Tour - XGB

Number of Days: 7
Destination: Great Britain
Available Dates
  • This coach tour of England, Scotland & Wales explores all the parts of those three countries which make Great Britain a 'great' place to visit!
    The tour starts in England, taking in beautiful Cambridge and the friendly northern city of Yorkshire, before heading into Scotland's capital, Edinburgh and on to the amazing scenery of the Scottish Highlands, then finishing in Wales' Capital, Cardiff and the famous Roman Bath site in Bath. 


    Tour Highlights:

    • Cambridge
    • Edinburgh
    • Liverpool
    • Stratford-Upon-Avon
    • Lock Ness
    • Urquhart Castle
    • Cardiff
    • Caerphilly Castle Photo stop
    • Bath
    • Stonehenge


  • DAY 1: Visit Cambridge & Yorkshire

    Welcome to your tour of Great Britain! Today you will fill your lungs with fresh, English countryside air, as you depart the city of London, and head to where the grass is greener. Arriving in Cambridge, your first adventure will have you punting along the river in traditional style, taking in the stunning scenery and epic, historical buildings in the most relaxing way. Simply wonderful! The afternoon sees you continuing your rural ‘rovering’, towards York, a mecca for history buffs and lovers of fine architecture and culture. Your walking tour, offers fascinating insights, stories and history of the city. Tonight you will enjoy dinner in a traditional English pub - plenty of choices on the menu including English favourites such as Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash! (that's sausages and creamy mashed potatoes)

    • Dinner

    DAY 2: See Hadrian’s Wall, Jedburgh, the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh.

    Which will win your heart, today, man or nature? From dawn till dusk, you will stand in places of historical battles, religious significance, ancient architecture and royal ruins, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and views which will make you rub your eyes in disbelief. Your first stop of the day is the iconic, Hadrian’s Wall. Built by hand in 122 AD, its creation is extremely significant in the history of Great Britain, and it is one of the most visited cultural landmarks in the UK. Not too far away, lies the border town of Jedburgh. Famed for its links to Royalty and historical warfare, you will have an opportunity to explore the city and take in the amazing architecture, which speak for population’s passed. The Jedburgh Abbey ruins are incredible and a visit is highly recommended. As you journey through southern Scotland, relax and embrace the beauty of the landscape drifting past you. The city of Edinburgh is waiting for you, to embrace it with both arms. Your tour leader will take you on an evening guided walking tour which will help you get your bearings of this historic city, with stories which ooze out of every cobble and doorstep. Time to enjoy some Scottish hospitality.

    • Breakfast & Dinner

    DAY 3: Free day in Edinburgh

    Don’t waste a minute! Today you are free to explore the city as you wish, and there is so much to see and do. Known as the cultural capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is blessed with stunning greystone buildings, and architecture, art galleries, memorials and higher education. Take a step back in time and wander around the authentic, and unchanged cobbled streets of the Royal Mile and meander down to the Grass Market, to a row of pubs where public hangings used to ‘entertain’ the crowds. Edinburgh Castle is well worth the entry fee, and requires a few hours to explore and learn about Scottish history and royalty - there are wonderful views from the top! For those wishing to shop for souvenirs Princes Street attracts shoppers from all over the world. The city comes alive at night, in the bars and pubs in the city centre. In the evening, why not enjoy a pint or a traditional whisky with the locals, or explore the city on a guided Ghost tour - explore the secret, underground passages underneath the streets of the Royal Mile, and visit the local graveyards under the ‘brawd bricht moon licht nicht’! (superb, bright, moonlit night...)

    • Breakfast

    DAY 4: Visit Inverness, Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle and the Scottish Highlands.

    Just over half way through your Great Britain tour, and you are heading north to the Scottish Highlands. As you wave goodbye to Edinburgh, you may experience and overwhelming sense of ‘FREEDOM!’ The National Wallace Monument, commemorating Sir William Wallace, is your first stop of the day. Learn the true story of ‘Braveheart’, and witness the unchanged landscape that was also experienced by the Celtic warriors from that time in history. Moving further into the Highlands of Scotland, we offer you an optional excursion which could change your life! Embark on a 1 hour cruise of Loch Ness, (home to ‘Nessie’ the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ - see if you can spot her...) and take in the impressive ruins of Urquhart Castle as you drift past on your boat ride. Once back on the road, prepare for boldness and the symbol of the highlands. Rising out of the ground like a waking giant, behold the grandeur of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain. Whilst in the region, you will visit Glencoe – a spectacular Glen (Scottish for a deep valley in the Highlands) and where the massacre of Glencoe took place in1692, one of the most fascinating yet saddest stories encompassing Scotland’s history. Your day will wind down with a well-earned whiskey tasting at one of Scotland’s oldest, licensed whiskey distilleries in Fort William, before continuing on to your hotel in the Scottish Highlands. Enjoy your final evening in this amazing country.

    • Breakfast & Dinner

    DAY 5: Visit Liverpool

    As your heart sinks at the thought of leaving Scotland, be reassured that there are exciting adventures to be had today in England! Your Great Britain tour, will take a twist into modern history, as you head across the border, bound for Liverpool - the home of ‘The Beatles’ and two world famous premier league football clubs! On the way, you can soak up the last of the Scottish landscape, before reaching Keswick, located in the picturesque Lake District, for a lunch stop - simply stunning! Once you have arrived in Liverpool, you will be shown the sights on our guided coach tour of the city. For football fans Anfield Football Stadium home to Liverpool FC will excite. For Beatles fans...there are a myriad of locations which were significant to developing the world class pop act, which shaped modern music as we know it. Home to Paul, John, George and Ringo, Liverpool inspired such timeless classics including ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Penny Lane’. Upon checking in at the hotel, head to one of the many local pubs. Can’t get enough of ‘Beatlemania’? - ‘The Cavern’ isn’t far away, and is a pub where identity of The Beatles was formed.

    • Breakfast

    DAY 6: Visit Stratford-Upon-Avon and Wales.

    Theatre, literature and history buffs, unite! Upon leaving Liverpool, you shall be escorted to the birthplace of William Shakespeare - Straford-upon-Avon. A guided walking tour will allow you to explore the quaint, historical village and then you shall have free time to explore on your own - there are numerous Shakespearean attractions and fascinating historical locations to visit. For those who wish to delve into the life of Shakespeare more intimately, we can arrange an optional excursion for you to visit the home where he grew up as a child, and also lived with his wife when they were newlyweds. Famous writers such as Charles Dickens, John Keats, Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy have also visited this dwelling. Sliding into south Wales, we take a photo stop at Caerphilly Castle, a medieval fortification built in the 13th century, ranked the second largest castle in the UK. Surrounded by artificial lakes, not only is the architecture a sight to behold, but it was a groundbreaking design back in its day. Onwards to the Welsh capital of Cardiff, you have an evening in which to enjoy the local nightlife on offer.

    • Breakfast & Dinner

    DAY 7: See Bath and Stonehenge.

    This is the last day of your British Tour, and there is no sign of slowing down! The road from Cardiff to London is littered with history, stunning scenery and architectural delights. First stop for the day is Bath – a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring some of the finest architecture in Europe. Join us on a guided walking tour of the town, and learn about the historical significance of the region, including the natural hot springs which supply the Roman baths - visited by over 1 million international tourists every year! Continuing on the last legs of your journey, you have an optional excursion which could have you unravelling one of the Worlds’ greatest mysteries. Stonehenge - need we say more? You have the opportunity to witness an ancient and awe-inspiring structure, which has baffled scientists, tourists and historians for centuries. As you board your coach for the last time on your Great Britain tour, take this chance to exchange contact details and share photos with new friends and fellow travelers, before you alight at your last stop in London. We can’t wait for you to upload your favorite memories onto our Facebook page, and share the highlights of your 7 day Great Britain tour. We hope to travel with you again soon!

    • Breakfast

    Cambridge - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Cambridge River Punting

    We visit this historic city renowned for its leading university. Savour the history and marvellous views as we punt along the river.

    York - 2 Included Experience

    Included: Walking tour of York

    Take a walking tour round this historic walled city with your tour leader.

    Dinner in a traditional English pub

    Hadrian’s Wall - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Photo stop at Hadrian's Wall

    Visit Hadrian’s Wall on the border between England and Scotland.

    Jedburgh - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Visit to Jedburgh

    Located on the border between Scotland and England, Jedburgh has a long history of royal connections and historic warfare. Explore the Abbey ruins and soak up the centuries of history in this amazing place.

    Edinburgh - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Edinburgh Walking tour

    Arrive in the capital of Scotland and experience the sights and sounds as your tour leader takes you on an evening walking tour of this magnificent city.

    Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

    • Edinburgh Castle
    • Take a step back in time as you wander the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile down to the Grass Market
    • Botanical Gardens
    • The National Gallery of Scotland
    • Edinburgh Zoo
    • The National War Museum of Scotland
    • Holyroodhouse Palace
    • Evening Ghost tour

    Stirling - 1 Included Experience

    Included: View National Wallace Monument

    See the National Wallace Monument commemorating Sir William Wallace in Sterling.

    Scottish Highlands - 2 Included Experiences | 1 Optional Experience

    Included: Whiskey Tasting, Highlands Scenic Drive

    Whiskey tasting at one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries in Fort William.

    As we head back south behold the grandeur of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, and Glen Coe, a spectacular glen with a fascinating history.

    Optional: Cruise on Loch Ness

    Prepare for your breath to be taken away by the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands. You’ll have some free time where you may choose to embark on a cruise of Loch Ness – see if you can spot Nessie and the ruins of Urquhart Castle!

    Lake District - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Visit to the Lake District of England

    Here you will have free time for a comfort stop in the beautiful village of Keswick (or similar), in the Lake District.

    Liverpool - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Liverpool driving tour

    Take a driving tour and see the Albert Dock, Anfield football stadium and a variety of locations connected to the Beatles.

    Stratford-Upon-Avon - 1 Included Experience | 1 Optional Excursion

    Included: Visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon

    Visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare. You will have free time to wander the city and visit the Shakespearean attractions.

    Optional Excursion: Visit the house where William Shakespeare was born, grew up and played. He ate meals in the hall and he slept and dreamt in these rooms. Shakespeare also spent the first five years of married life in this house with his new wife, Anne Hathaway. Other famous writers have also visited here, including Charles Dickens, John Keats, Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy.

    Caerphilly - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Caerphilly Castle Photo stop

    On our way to Cardiff we stop off for a quick photo stop at this impressive 700-year old castle.

    Cardiff - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Visit to Cardiff

    We continue on to the Welsh capital where you have some free time to spend the evening as you wish.

    Bath - 1 Included Experience

    Included: Bath Orientation tour

    Your Expat Explore tour leader will point out all the main attractions of Bath, so you can make the most of your time here.

    Optional Excursion: Bath pump house

    Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting some of the finest architectural sights in Europe, and undoubtedly one of the highlights is the Roman Baths. Around Britain's only hot springs, the Romans built the finest religious spa in northern Europe. This great temple and bathing complex still flows with natural hot water. The extensive remains and a Roman museum of international significance lie beneath the Pump Room and Abbey Church Yard in the centre of Bath.

    Stonehenge - 1 Optional Experience

    Optional: Visit Stonehenge

    We continue onto Stonehenge, an ancient and awe inspiring structure which has mystified tourists and historians alike for centuries.


  • This is a Comfort Guided holiday and includes:

    • 6 nights' accommodation in twin rooms.
    • 6 breakfasts, 4 dinners
    • 15 Experiences
    • Free Wi-fi in all hotels
    • Modern air conditioned coach with reclining seats and toilet.
    • Services of your tour leader, who will be on hand with advice and tips.
    • All taxes and fees
    • Any public transport used as part of the tour (excludes free days)
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