At The Travel Warehouse we utilise our personal knowledge and experience to plan tours with you in mind.

Our mission is to design journeys that we, as travellers, would ourselves want to take – leaving out all the tedious and boring bits. In our youth we’ve travelled the world arriving into cities late at night with nothing pre-arranged, battling bureaucracy and language barriers to prove that we could do it on our own, but in later years we’ve grown a little older and hopefully a lot wiser.

We continue to explore new places for our clients and we don’t sell a destination unless we’ve checked it out ourselves. With many years of travel experience, we’ve sorted out all the hassles for you, so you don’t have to. It takes years and many personal experiences to really get to know a place in detail, its people and how it works and our first-hand destination knowledge helps us build fabulous small group tour experiences that are hassle free, informative and relaxing experiences for you... [ + more ]

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Wow, we had a great time! What a comprehensive tour - we loved it and could never have found all those fabulous places without you. sorting through the fotos brings back so many memories. Looking forward to our next one.

Russ and Jane

Thank you very much for the 'fun' holiday. The flower show & country gardens were really fabulous! I really enjoyed. Thank you again for well organised holiday.


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